For four years I was Technical Director at Advantec, one of the south’s premier Digital Agencies. Prior to that for ten years worked as a senior developer for one of the UK’s largest regional newspaper publishers in Newsquest’s digital media team and before that worked with Avatar interactive who went on to become Headscape another leading digital agency. I love working with teams of creative people and solving client problems.

I Feel Agency Pain

everyone wants it yesterday and on top of that they want it for next to nothing!

Stop, breath deeply and take a step back for a moment. Running digital agencies of any size comes with a raft of unseen problems but don’t worry, you’re not alone. To everyone on the outside it looks like a great way to make a living: cool offices, intelligent hipster-type staff, wealthy clients and a relentless surge in new business opportunities as the latest online buzz takes hold.

You and I know the reality: over-delivery, clients blaming you personally for google’s site ranking algorithm, IE browser incompatabilities, front-enders who can’t spell the client’s name, scope-creep, late nights, hosting company blaming your developer’s code for a site offline… the list goes on.

OK, so that’s a bad day and it’s not like that all the time but sometimes you need a hand, you need someone to write up a specificiation document whilst the producer is off sick, you need someone to put together a fresh design whilst your graphic artist is surfing in Cornwall, you need someone to setup a new wordpress site whilst your senior dev guy is focusing on his arduino…

There’s a ton of stuff that needs doing and there’s no one to do it until you hire the new person, but why do that right now? give Luke a shout and let’s see if he can put his whitehat on and take some of the pressure off.