Over the years I’ve worked for many different clients across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. I’ve worked for larger corporations including providing custom database solutions for the likes of the NHS, BOC, VMware and well-known regional news providers.

I’ve also worked with far smaller firms, everything from dotcom startups to established small to medium-sized businesses, the common theme is simple, all clients are looking to create or improve their web presence.


and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Perhaps your first aim is to get to the top of google? well that’s easy! just pick an obscure term and chances are you’ll be there within days… but still have no visitors. What really matters is finding the phrases your desired customers are using to seek you out and and start building your site around those terms.

Great, that’s sorted, now got a shed-load of visitors but they leave the site within 3 seconds! hmm, is your site appealing? is it laid out sensibly? is the content well-written and actually of interest to readers? yep, ok, good. So people are visiting and sticking around but why is no one contacting you? are your calls-to-action inviting enough? are you providing enough channels of contact? when was the last time you checked if your email form actually sent and the recipient’s email address existed?

website talk checklist thumb up

Just a few random points i’ve thrown out whilst writing this piece. There’s myriad reasons why your site doesn’t deliver what you think it should. You need to make sure your ultimate goals and targets for the website are understood by everyone who’s involved… “we need more sales” just isn’t enough for anyone to go on, you’ve got to think savvy, smart and dare I say it – seductively. You’ve probably got all the answers, you should know what makes you such a good bet, it’s why you’re in business right?! give me a shout and we’ll translate them for the web.