I’m based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England, the business was set up in 2014 following my directorship with leading Digital Agency – Advantec.

My experience in digital stretches back to 1994 just as the web began to grow – remember mosaic at 9600 baud anyone?! Since then technology has progressed significantly, to such a point that if you don’t make the best use of it you risk falling behind as a new generation of consumers (and customers) embrace the web.

Why LSWC started

because luke loves clearing up confusion and helping people with their web offering!

Client side I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and time after time you hear the same stories. People want good value, they want a good-looking site which is robust and easy to update. As soon as you google “web design and hosting” you’re hit with a raft of agencies and hosting companies all offering what essentially amounts to the same thing in different flavours. There certainly are different qualities of digital agencies but there’s no standard comparison that you can measure. I can give you the inside knowledge and help you make an informed choice about what you’re being offered.

I also know how stressful it can be running a digital agency, there’s always a gap that needs to be filled, designs that need doing, specs that need writing, site admin that needs doing, data that needs converting, the list goes on. Let LSWC be your partner and I’ll help you through the rough patch and provide some good tips for making the most out of your relationship with clients, keeping them happy and getting paid quicker.