Natterjacks Vet chooses LSWC

Local vet practice Natterjacks have taken LSWC on for a 12 month contract to help them with their web offering.

The rapid growth of the local practice has meant there has been less and less time for staff to make website updates and put forward ideas for new online promotions.

Natterjacks Vet Bournemouth screenshot

Great Vet Website

Having taken succesful advice in the past on ways to improve the site’s appeal, marketing and content quality Natterjacks decided they now needed to off-load all their web maintenance, updates and creation of promotional material to a third party who could guarantee them updates and be flexible in their service offering throughout the year.

Luke is really pleased to be working for Natterjacks and excited about enhancing what is already great local success story. Oh, and one more thing, if you’d like to donate to a local rescue centre or animal charity please hit the donate button at the bottom of the Natterjacks homepage – there’s no minimum donation and 100% goes towards your chosen cause!