BOSH! Bournemouth Web Consultancy lands has been set up in order to clear away much of the noise, hyperbole and confusion surrounding web design, development and hosting. When a new business decides to form or an existing one looks to improve or save money on their web offering they probably hit google with ‘Web Design Bournemouth’ and very shortly after are presented with a list of digital agencies, freelancers and marketing companies. That’s great but then how do you know what to chose? There’s no real standardisation or bench-marking in the industry and Joe the plumber is probably somewhat incompatible with a high-end agency that charges work out at £1200 a day.

That’s an extreme example but you can see the problem. How does the average business owner know why a $5 a month host is any different to a £500 a month one and why would you pay a full service digital agency to design and develop your site when you could get your best friend’s uncle’s mate Dave to knock it up or even cheaper do it yourself with a templated online service?

web consultancy launches in Bournemouth

Perhaps you have a great idea for a new website – the next facebook perhaps? Wonderful! but how would you put it into words in such a way that a third party web company would be able to sit down and build it? with a specification document that’s how! With a tight brief and specification document you level the playing field and are then able to speak to and get quotes from different design houses without the fear that your new project is open-ended leading to a spiraling budget.

In an era when the whole world is moving towards greater transparency Luke Sanderson Web Consultancy was setup to provide savvy business owners with the independent advice they need when choosing a digital agency, freelancer or online marketing company. Luke is well connected with local agencies, web developers and creative firms – give him a shout to find out more.