Facebook’s year in review

2015 kicked off with a short article appearing in the Bournemouth Echo, the brief piece covered Facebook’s automatic year in review freebie. If you missed it – you can catch up with the full copy below.

Bournemouth Daily Echo Facebook Review

Bournemouth Daily Echo Facebook Review

Did you receive your Facebook year in review recently? perhaps you smiled as you soaked up the nostalgia of those long-gone heady days of fun and frolics? Mine, albeit a little sparse was relatively pleasing, it had my son’s first day of school and some other nice memorable moments from 2014.

For it’s latest effort though Facebook has again come under-fire for publishing things it really probably shouldn’t have. Eric Meyer, a prominent Web Designer lost his 6 year old daughter earlier in the year and her picture had subsequently ended up in his review. Another user complained that a photo of her ex-boyfriend’s house going up in flames was inappropriate.

So, if you were thinking there’s a human touch involved in generating your year in review you’d sadly be mistaken. Out there in the cloud is an algorithm churning it’s way though millions of bits of data using whatever information it’s been fed, to pull out what’s hopefully a pleasing review for you. The problem is, we’re still in the very early days of analysing such personal ‘human’ data and assigning it any true value let alone a meaning is a long way off. Whilst it’s a good start, and will only improve over time to get some real accuracy and depth we’re all going to need to rate many more things with more than just a ‘like’.

The big social networks have ever-changing terms of use and we need to start thinking, or accepting, that ultimately if we put any sort of data online we can’t expect to know how that data will morph, merge, leak or come back to haunt us somewhere down the line.

Maybe you’ve yet to see your year in review? login to FB and hit https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview (if you dare!)